• The SEC is targeting crypto firms with token offerings, including Ripple.
• Ripple executives are hopeful that the court case will result in a win for their firm.
• Other crypto firms have faced legal action from the SEC, such as Kraken.

The SEC’s Case Against Ripple

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been attacking various digital currency companies over the past few years due to token offerings or rewards given through token investments, which they consider to be securities. One of the targets of this attack is Ripple, but the company’s executives remain hopeful that they will win their case against the agency.

Ripple’s Potential Win

Monica Long, president of Ripple, issued a supplemental notice expressing her and her fellow executives‘ optimism about winning their court case against the SEC. She also noted that she believes “the facts and law” are on their side, leading XRP to experience a 20 percent price boom due to investor anticipation of victory.

Other Companies Targeted by The SEC

Crypto exchange Luno’s vice president Vijay Ayyar commented on overall positive movement in crypto markets due to slowdown in inflation and interest rates being expected. Furthermore, Long discussed how Europe is taking initiative towards setting clearer regulations for both traditional finance and crypto companies while other companies have not been so lucky: Kraken was forced by the SEC to pay a $30 million penalty fee and discontinue its staking activities after facing legal action from them.

Gary Gensler on Kraken

SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated that only a handful of tokens have registered with them thus far when talking about Kraken’s situation – implying that most tokens still need to abide by regulations if they wish to avoid similar consequences as those received by Kraken from the agency.


Ripple remains optimistic about its chances of beating the SEC in court despite all other digital currency companies receiving heavy penalties from them. If they do succeed then it could potentially be considered a big win for crypto enthusiasts around the world who hope for clear rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrency use and trading.